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Cake Decorating Class – Part Two September 14, 2010

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I went to my second cake decorating class last night. It was a mess. First, my crumb coat didn’t set, so I had crumbs in my top layer of icing. Second, the technique we used last night was new to me. Let’s just say I need to practice…a lot. I’m not used to making unsightly cakes. I’m so disappointed in my cake that I refuse to post a picture of it.

Ok, I forgot to take a picture of it.

I took it to a friend as soon as I got out of class.

I didn’t want to look at it anymore.

One good thing did come out of cake class…

I baked two 8-inch cakes and only needed one of them for class. Therefore, I crumpled the other one up, added some vanilla icing, and rolled that gooey mess into little balls. Tonight, I will dip them in chocolate. Tomorrow, I will have pictures, and Whitney should have teenybites!


2 Responses to “Cake Decorating Class – Part Two”

  1. Peewee Says:

    I wish I was close enough to get the mistakes…

  2. Whitney S. Says:

    yay for me! It’s ok that your first try at something didn’t go so well…

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