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My Little Helper September 23, 2010

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Monday night’s cake class was about decorating cupcakes. On my way to class, my friend Crystal sent me a text that said she wanted me to go to a zumba class with her. I told her that although I definitely needed to go to zumba, I had cake decorating class. She told me that was fine and that she wanted me to bake her a cake.

So, I decorated cupcakes and then called Crystal back. I told her that I was on my way to her house to give her the cupcakes.

Her little girl, who is 2-years-old, was super excited that I was bringing her cupcakes.

While talking with Crystal, I learned that Marissa, her little girl, was supposed to get to decorate cupcakes over the weekend but didn’t get to. I told Crystal that I was baking cupcakes again this week and to bring Rissa to the house and she could decorate them with me.

I began baking cupcakes when I got home yesterday. I quickly remembered that Crystal had my pan that holds 12 cupcakes, which left me with only two pans that hold six cupcakes each. A box of cake makes 24 cupcakes. Then I remembered that I have the mini cupcake pan. So, I made 12 regular size cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes.

All was well.

Crystal and Rissa showed up a little later in the evening. After Rissa ate her dinner, she was ready to decorate (and eat) cupcakes! I filled two bags with icing and let her go…with her mom’s help!

I love this little girl so much! We told her that she had to put on an apron so she wouldn’t get icing all over her clothes. I pulled out my dad’s camouflage apron to put on her. She wouldn’t have it. She started whining and wouldn’t let me put it over her head. I said, “Hang on one second. I went to my room and grabbed my apron (it was packed for class). You would know, she put it on without a problem. 

Rissa is very much a little fashionista and didn’t like how the camouflage looked. Crystal is in trouble.

But she knows that.

The mini cupcakes turned out cute, too! I was going to put them on skewers, but I went to bed instead!


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