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Happy Birthday Lyric! November 9, 2010

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First, I want to say Happy Birthday to Lyric! She is six-years-old today!

I baked a cake for her birthday…along with 24 cupcakes.

Lyric was supposed to take everything to school with her, but decided to keep the cake for herself! She did, however, take the cupcakes to her class!

This whole ordeal was a mess…and it wasn’t my fault!

Lyric’s mother, who will remain un-named, told me that Lyric’s birthday was on November 4th and that she wanted the cake on the 3rd.

No problem.

Except there was a problem.

Lyric’s birthday is today, November 9th! Oh well. Lyric had a cake and cupcakes a week in advance.

Her mom is so silly.

Anyhow, Lyric loved the cake and cupcakes and I wanted to share them with you guys.


Happy Late Halloween! November 1, 2010

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Scared you, didn’t I?

No? Ok.

Anyhow, I had an order for some Halloween cake pops last week and I’m super excited to show them to you!

The lady who ordered them originally said the teenybites were for her 5-year-old daughter’s class. She also said she didn’t care what I did with them. So…

The cake was a Halloween fun-fetti mix. Super cute.

I thought it would make them even more Halloweeny. Yes, that’s a word.

I won’t describe in detail how much trouble I had with these cute little creations. Just know there was trouble. And lots of it.

But, I worked through the problems and had them ready the night before the little girl was SUPPOSED to take them to her class.

Here they are!

A mummy, one-eyed purple people eater, a pumpkin, and a green monster!

I later found out that the teenybites never made it to school. The poor little girl’s uncle, brother, and dad ate too many of them for her to take!

Oh well! She took her teacher and a few friends some and was perfectly happy with that!

P.S. Sorry there’s only one picture. The others wouldn’t upload for some reason.