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Happy Late Halloween! November 1, 2010

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Scared you, didn’t I?

No? Ok.

Anyhow, I had an order for some Halloween cake pops last week and I’m super excited to show them to you!

The lady who ordered them originally said the teenybites were for her 5-year-old daughter’s class. She also said she didn’t care what I did with them. So…

The cake was a Halloween fun-fetti mix. Super cute.

I thought it would make them even more Halloweeny. Yes, that’s a word.

I won’t describe in detail how much trouble I had with these cute little creations. Just know there was trouble. And lots of it.

But, I worked through the problems and had them ready the night before the little girl was SUPPOSED to take them to her class.

Here they are!

A mummy, one-eyed purple people eater, a pumpkin, and a green monster!

I later found out that the teenybites never made it to school. The poor little girl’s uncle, brother, and dad ate too many of them for her to take!

Oh well! She took her teacher and a few friends some and was perfectly happy with that!

P.S. Sorry there’s only one picture. The others wouldn’t upload for some reason.


Gross! October 12, 2010

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I made something last week.

I was told by everyone who saw them that they were gross.

Well good. They are supposed to be.

Halloween is right around the corner, for goodness sakes!

And…I made them for kids.

My kids.

And they’ll eat just about anything.

Except eggs. Ca doesn’t like eggs.

And peanut butter. Girlfriend doesn’t like peanut butter.

But, other than that, they’ll eat anything…even zombie toes!


Touchdown! October 11, 2010

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Last Wednesday, my dear cousin texted me with a request. She asked if I could make those “cake things” with brownies. I told her yes. Then she asked if I could make them in the shape of footballs. I told her yes again. Then, she tells me that she needs them for her boyfriend’s birthday on Monday. I told her that wouldn’t be a problem. Before we ended our conversation, I asked her if she wanted them this weekend, knowing that most people celebrate birthdays on weekends. She told me that it would be nice if I could have them by the weekend. Ok, no problem. It’s only Wednesday.

Then, I remember that I am supposed to be going to watch the triplets Saturday morning. Bob was playing football and the girls were cheering. This meant that I would have to get the footballs to my cousin Friday night.

Wait, what?

I freaked out a little bit.

Then I ate some chocolate.

Then I decided it was feasible.

So, I got to work. I must say that this is one of the best ideas, as far as teenybites go. These little treats were so cute. I would have never thought to make footballs out of these. Such an appropriate idea for this time of year. And they were delicious, too!

My cousin and her boyfriend are both Auburn fans, so she requested that the teenybites be Auburn themed. You’ll have to excuse my piping. My piping skills aren’t quite where they need to be.

I received another text last night that simply said, “Yummmmm!”

Good idea SueSue! I’m glad you guys enjoyed them!


My Little Helper September 23, 2010

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Monday night’s cake class was about decorating cupcakes. On my way to class, my friend Crystal sent me a text that said she wanted me to go to a zumba class with her. I told her that although I definitely needed to go to zumba, I had cake decorating class. She told me that was fine and that she wanted me to bake her a cake.

So, I decorated cupcakes and then called Crystal back. I told her that I was on my way to her house to give her the cupcakes.

Her little girl, who is 2-years-old, was super excited that I was bringing her cupcakes.

While talking with Crystal, I learned that Marissa, her little girl, was supposed to get to decorate cupcakes over the weekend but didn’t get to. I told Crystal that I was baking cupcakes again this week and to bring Rissa to the house and she could decorate them with me.

I began baking cupcakes when I got home yesterday. I quickly remembered that Crystal had my pan that holds 12 cupcakes, which left me with only two pans that hold six cupcakes each. A box of cake makes 24 cupcakes. Then I remembered that I have the mini cupcake pan. So, I made 12 regular size cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes.

All was well.

Crystal and Rissa showed up a little later in the evening. After Rissa ate her dinner, she was ready to decorate (and eat) cupcakes! I filled two bags with icing and let her go…with her mom’s help!

I love this little girl so much! We told her that she had to put on an apron so she wouldn’t get icing all over her clothes. I pulled out my dad’s camouflage apron to put on her. She wouldn’t have it. She started whining and wouldn’t let me put it over her head. I said, “Hang on one second. I went to my room and grabbed my apron (it was packed for class). You would know, she put it on without a problem. 

Rissa is very much a little fashionista and didn’t like how the camouflage looked. Crystal is in trouble.

But she knows that.

The mini cupcakes turned out cute, too! I was going to put them on skewers, but I went to bed instead!


As Promised…TeenyBites! September 15, 2010

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Ok, so I had a little problem with the teenybites last night, but do not fret! All is well in TeenyBite world today! My dad purchased some more almond bark for me and, in the process, saved the day!

Now I can post pictures of my teenybites like I promised! So, here they are!

I am even sending some to Bob…although he DOES NOT deserve them!

These are devil’s food cake with vanilla icing. They are covered in milk chocolate almond bark and drizzled with white chocolate almond bark.



TeenyBites September 8, 2010

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Here are two, very bad, pictures of teenybites. Please don’t judge my little treats based on my photography! I’ll have to get my friend Beck to come take pictures for me!

These come in many different flavors and colors. I’ll try my best to work with you and give you want you want.


Chocolate covered cake drops or cake lollies

– $50.00 for 4 dozen

Mini cupcake lollies

– $45.00 for 4 dozen


My Inspiration

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I’ve always liked to bake and make treats. I’ve been baking cookies and brownies for as long as I can remember. As soon as I became old enough to mix, pour, etc. without burning myself, breaking bowls, or making a complete mess, my mom stopped making treats for me. I then had to make them for her! She did, however, help me out this weekend and baked a batch of brownies for me.

Thanks mom!

Anyhow, as I mentioned in the previous post, I have triplets…sort of. They’re mine for all intensive purposes. I just don’t provide for, feed, or nurture them. Ok, so maybe they aren’t mine. Oh well. I was their “nanny” for the first three years of their life. Their mother (one of my dear friends) and I joked about who would have custody of the triplets when they moved an hour away from me. She won. But I still go kidnap them whenever I want.

I made the cakes for the triplets fourth birthday. They were absolutely darling…the triplets and the cakes. See…

I loved making these for my youngens. They were really excited about them, too. I have been making cakes ever since.

I am actually making the cakes for their birthday party this year, as well. My “babies” are now six-years-old! How do you make them stop growing? Or forming opinions?  Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Anyhow, it wasn’t until recently that I began making my teenybites. They have been a huge success. The idea came from Bakerella. I’m sure you’ve all heard about her by now. She has a new book out called Cake Pops and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I also got ideas from Pizzazzerie. Another super cute website. Be sure to check it out.

So, these two websites have inspired me to be more creative with my baking. However, my inspiration to sale my teenybites came from the triplets’ mom. We’ll call her PeeWee. PeeWee has, from the day I first met her, been behind me and encouraging me. She’s another mother figure in my life. Don’t get me wrong, my mom rocks and I don’t know where I would be without her. It’s just that PeeWee has been so much more than a friend is expected to be. I mean really, she lets me steal her kids – my kids – whenever I want.

By the way, just yesterday, one of the triplets called me (she texts too, but yesterday I got a phone call). The conversation went a little like this…

Me: “Hello?”

Triplet: “Hey Miss. I got to cheer for the high school football team during the first quarter!”

Me: “How exciting! Did you have fun?”

Triplet: “Yes ma’am.”

Me: “How did your sister do?”

Triplet: “I don’t know. I wasn’t watching her. Mama said you was taking a cake decorating class.”

Me: “I am taking a cake decorating class. I start tomorrow.”

Triplet: “Oh. I’m glad you takin’ the class before our birthday. I mean, birthday party.”

Then I hear PeeWee laughing uncontrollably in the background. No one tells this kid to say such things. She just tells you whatever she is thinking…which is A LOT.

As for my mom, I really can’t describe how wonderful this woman is. She is my mother and my best friend. If it weren’t for her and her money, I wouldn’t have been able to make any of my cakes, treats, etc. (or anything else, for that matter) to begin with. So, thanks Mama! Oh, and my youngens love her. They call her Nanny Granny, thanks to PeeWee. She was not too fond of the name at first, and she even tried to get them to just call her Nanny. Needless to say, Nanny didn’t work out and she will forever be Nanny Granny. And she is just fine with that.

There you go. My inspiration.